Need An Irrigation System Repaired Or Installed?

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Our Experience

At Treasure Coast Sprinklers Inc., our professionals have the proven experience needed to make sure the job is done right the first time, as we have designed and installed thousands of sprinkler systems for customers just like yourself since 1985.

Treasure Coast Sprinklers specializes in sprinkler system installation and sprinkler system repair. We install, repair, and maintain irrigation, sprinkler systems to ensure that your property stays properly hydrated. Using components from the leading companies in Irrigation Innovation, to allow sprinkler systems to perform at their absolute best. The "Worry-Free" servicing process will give you a chance to enjoy your beautiful lawn and garden without worrying about dehydration. By hiring Treasure Coast Sprinklers to install and maintain your sprinkler system, you will never have to worry about your irrigation system again.

South Florida homeowners know that proper lawn and plant bed irrigation is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a lush green lawn and a colorful welcoming garden. Broken sprinkler heads or problems with sprinklers can cause a great deal of damage to your property by eroding soil, flooding your lawn and not providing the adequate amount of irrigation, all of which can thwart the growth of lawn and plants. In too many cases, homeowners are faced with expensive lawn and plant replacement due to inadequate or faulty irrigation systems.

Whether looking for irrigation system "tune-up" or, a complete installation, our experienced professionals will work with you to take care of all of your irrigation and sprinkler system repair needs. We ensure that your system works effectively and that you are getting adequate irrigation supply and equal lawn and plant bed watering coverage throughout your yard.

Maybe you're just looking to replace a few sprinkler heads? We can help with that too. Proper placement of sprinkler heads and using the right products can also help to eliminate the orangey stains often caused by a high concentration of iron found in most well-fed irrigation systems, saving both time and money and keeping your driveway and walkways looking clean and well maintained.