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Our Experience

Our Experience

Treasure Coast Sprinklers Inc. provides illumination of exterior spaces, architectural focal points, and landscapes. All artists' have their medium, and our medium is light. We can provide a complete landscape lighting array to bring out the details in your home's beauty.

Landscape lighting can add a high-end look to your home and makes it safer too. The first step is to choose your lighting. There are many types of lights and fixtures to choose from. Spotlights can highlight specific features, while floodlights can illuminate a wide area.

You can decide what type of lights you want in which areas with a flashlight. At night, use a flashlight with the ability to switch between spot and flood mode to see how different lighting styles look in different areas.

We can handle all aspects of our customers' residential outdoor lighting needs. Our services include setting and installing light timers as well as replacing bulbs. We can also install and/or realign light fixtures and repair or bury below ground wires. Our outdoor lighting professionals can adjust your landscape lighting and keep plants and trees away for maximum impact and effect. We can manage and control connections including transformers and voltage settings.